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If the traditional 9 to 5 is weighing you down and you want to spend more time with the ones you love, or you've always had a strong desire to start your own business as an author, professional speaker, coach, or business consultant, we believe we can support you.

"When I learned that people would buy what I know, it changed my whole life! If you'd like to learn how you can do the same so that you can set your own work hours, generate your own income, all on your own terms, then you want to hear this."

Hear me out as I share my revolutionary


What some are saying about Jackie and the results she delivers...


...supporting professional women and men in packaging and selling what they already know while nurturing 3 foundational areas:




Jackie Golden, affectionately known as "The G.O.A.T. Coach" and "The Coach's Coach," is a sought-out speaker, author, corporate trainer/developer, life coach, and business consultant.

Known for creating, structuring, packaging, and delivering "training that sticks," Jackie has made her mark in Fortune 500 companies, ministries, colleges and universities and continues to do so as she coaches individuals and business partners to their next level of life and business success.

Jackie believes every person in the world has been endowed with something very special. That special something is the power and choice to impact the lives of others in a very special way. When combined, we believe you are unstoppable! 

Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Servant Leader who leads with passion, ethics, and example...Jackie practices what she preaches so that reaching each person she works with is a connection built on trust.

For booking, reach out to us via: [email protected]

More About Jackie

If in my years of living I've learned anything, I've learned that a significant number of people are waiting for some big thing to fall out of the sky before they even ATTEMPT to pursue what's in their heart to do. Most often it is their own business they desire to start so that they can:

***Have time freedom

***Do business as themselves

***Create an additional stream of income

***Create opportunities for others

***Work anywhere, anyplace, and anytime

And, the list goes on...

Through fear, doubt, and unbelief, you count yourself out. Often, you say, "I'm waiting for things to get right." I did it, too, until I changed my mind. Here's what I know...99% of making "it" happen is choosing to start. And, if you don't know how to get started, ask somebody.

I invite you to ask me. Understand that trying to coach yourself only goes so far. So, if this is you, but you just don't know how to get started, click here to sign up for a FREE strategy with me to see what packaging and selling what you know, love, and do might look like for you.

...only if you want Results?

Dr. Hokehe Effiong

"Dr. Golden is an amazing lady and business coach. Her systems and strategies are built to create results that last. I highly recommend her."

Gwendolyn Wilson

"Jackie Golden is an amazing thought leader and business coach. Her strategies, systems and solutions generate life changing results. Her witty inspiration energizes, empowers, motivates and transforms others. I highly recommend her."

Kalyani Fad

"Before I worked with Jackie I was struggling with organization and focus to create a new product for my business. As a result of her coaching I have been able to organize my time and work consistently allocating time for specific tasks. And, very important, to conscientiously use my words to my desirable outcome."

Diane Zbed

"Jackie is a phenomenal Training professional and Instructional Designer. The quality of Jackie's work is second to none and she is a great person to have on your side to help initiate change and streamlined efficiencies. I recommend her wholeheartedly."

Julie Jacques

“Jackie also partnered with HR to develop an internal training program, including implementing an eLearning system for all employees. I couldn't have done it without her! Her knowledge of training and development techniques and strategies, her presentation and project management skills are top notch. "

Leslie Farrel

"Jackie can take any material and create an effective training program that reflects the key concepts and promotes a high level of retention. She is an inspiring, motivating and authentic person. I learned many valuable skills from her and utilize them every day."