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 ~ We Believe In You And Want To See You Succeed ~

I want to start my own coaching/consulting business. But, I don't have a product. And, I don't know how to get started.

- What Clients Say Before Working With Jackie

This revolutionary system includes several signature training programs in which you will...

    • Gain clarity on your gifts and talents and discover the value you might have overlooked and did not receive the compensation you deserve.

    • Discover what to put in your product with ease and clarity.

    • Learn how to use time-rich models to put your product in the hands of multiple clients at one time.

    • Learn simple, repeatable steps to create products and services that sell on or offline.

    • Learn how to price your product and position yourself so that your buyer-investors look for you and what you offer.

    • Discover how to sell without being pushy. You allow buyers to take the lead using a unique, non-intimidating or offensive sales process.

    • Automate your business in a time-efficient way using resources you are probably using already.

    What Clients Say AFTER Working With Jackie...

    Susan Schwartz

    "Jackie's ability to break down tasks and implement systems to help manage workflow is invaluable. Her assistance and suggestions have resulted in an immediate increase in my productivity and pricing for my program by 25%."

    Rocky Coleman

    "Being a part of Dr. Golden's program was like getting the degree I wish I had received when I got my degree. I now have my own business as a Sports Readiness Coach for student athletes."

    Dr. Shalando Jones

    "When I started working with Dr. Golden, I was able to identify the transformation I would deliver to my clients, what to include in my package, and how to price them properly. My package became powerpacked!"

    The Jackie Golden Eagles' Community

    Who's Who?

    The people that work with Jackie call themselves Eagles. And, what do eagles do? They fly high above adversity and life's lemons to make things happen!

    Gain access to a growing, exclusive community of some of the greatest minds who are action-taking professionals who do not negotiate when it comes to investing in themselves at a high level. They celebrate you in all sizes of your wins...small | medium | large …in their eyes, a WIN is a WIN!!!

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